Message from the Headmaster

As Headmaster, I am delighted to have this opportunity to publicly acknowledge the School’s deepest admiration for the loyalty, service and bravery exhibited by those Old Boys of Toowoomba Grammar School who so valiantly served their nation. We are all the beneficiaries of their sacrifice and their selfless actions serve to inspire a spirit of service amongst our current students and Old Boys.

It is highly appropriate that we celebrate the launch of this commemorative website  in the year of the centenary of armistice, 2018. As we celebrate the launch of this commemorative website on today’s date, Saturday 10 November 2018, we pause to reflect that it was on 11 November, 1918 that the signing of the armistice took place; the historic agreement that led to the end of the First World War. We acknowledge the Australian servicemen and women who have defended our nation’s values and freedom over these one hundred years.

Specifically for Toowoomba Grammar School, this digital collection of biographies of those Old Boys who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country represents a treasure of information for our students of history both at a personal, school and national level.  The stories behind the Old Boys of Toowoomba Grammar School who have lost their lives in wars, conflicts and peace operations are most important for the students and staff and wider community associated with this School.

This most comprehensive collection of research is the product of countless hours of devotion from a member of the staff of Toowoomba Grammar School, Mrs Ann Hallam who has most capably and diligently administered the School’s Cadet Unit since 2006.  The preparation of this commemorative website has been a labour of love for Mrs Hallam in her attempt to acknowledge the contribution to Australia made by these Old Boys. Ann Hallam has been most ably assisted in this extensive task by the voluntary efforts of Mr Eddie Habben and Mr Greg Lamerton, Military Historians.

I regard this commemorative website as a vital part of the history of Toowoomba Grammar School and the School will be eternally in gratitude to Ann Hallam and her volunteers for its preparation. The School is also most appreciative of the contribution to the funding of this project by its Board of Trustees, the Queensland State Government and the Toowoomba Grammar School Old Boys’ Association.


Mr. Peter B. Hauser


Toowoomba Grammar School


November 2018

Peter Hauser commenced his duties as the School’s fifteenth Headmaster on 1 January 2003.  He embraced the School community at all levels, but particularly the Old Boy network,  and he successfully strengthened the School’s commitment to Boys’ Education, Boarding, Pastoral Care, Community Service and Outdoor Pursuits and Activities.  Peter Hauser resigned in December 2020, after completing eighteen years at the school.