Toowoomba Grammar School Old Boys' Commemorative Website

Since 1885, Old Boys of Toowoomba Grammar School have served their country in Sudan, China, South Africa, Europe, Korea, Malaya, South Vietnam, East Timor and the United Nations Organisation Forces. This website honors those who paid the supreme sacrifice: two Old Boys serving their country in the Boer War; sixty three (updated February 2021) during World War One; one hundred and twenty-three during World War Two; Private Douglas McEwen in Korea; Captain Kenneth Bade, during the Vietnam campaign; in Peace Keeping Duties or General Service we must not forget Pilot Officer Henzell Murray Deshion who died on 28 September 1956 in South Australia in an air-acident, Sub-Lieutenant Errol Stanford Beavis who died on 10 February 1964 in the collision of HMAS Voyager and HMAS Melbourne; and Private Timothy James Aplin in Afghanistan on 21 June 2010.

We must remind ourselves that no one who fought in World War One is still alive and very few are alive from World War Two.  It is important that the younger generation do not forget the horrific events of both Wars.  In these uncertain times, the legacy of war is very much alive.  This Website is part of the school’s War Monument, the rest are located in the Old Hall at the school where tablets/plaques have been placed on the walls commemorating different theatres of war. The website is an important contribution to the commemoration of Toowoomba Grammar School Old Boys.  ‘Lest We Forget’.

We wish to acknowledge support for this project by the Queensland Anzac Centenary Spirit of Service Grants Program.


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5 February 2023