Research Team

The website would not have been possible without the support of the Queensland Anzac Centenary Spirit of Service Grant Program which allowed us to digitise military records and set up the site.  The Grant application was under the auspices of The Returned Service League of Australia (Queensland Branch) Toowoomba United Sub Branch Incorporated and we wish to thank the past President, Mr Lindsay Morrison, for his support.  In addition, the Toowoomba Grammar School Old Boys' Association has supported this website financially as there are many other costs to be covered.  Most importantly, thanks must be given to our two military historians who spent many hours researching and compiling the military records.  Mr Greg Lamerton of Toowoomba provided the stories for all of the World War One Old Boys. Mr Eddie Habben of Ipswich provided the stories for all of the World War Two Old Boys.  Ms Jennifer Fordyce patiently proof-read the documents together with Mrs Michelle Nicholls and Mr David Crawford; Mr Cameron Morgan set up the website; Mrs Ann Hallam, the Co-ordinator and Mr William Roberts spent many hours uploading the information to the website.  I also wish to thank Mr Denis McCarthy, a military historian and tour guide for the school's Battlefield Tour 2015.  His support and enthusiasm rubbed off on the coordinator and we wish to acknowledge his photograph, 'Rest on Arms', which is used when we do not have a photograph for an individual.  Many others were also involved and we wish to publicly thank them for their time and support.

Eddie Habben

Eddie Habben was born in Toowoomba and now lives in Ipswich. Eddie's involvment with military research has been a passion which has provided many communities with information on their fallen. He researched and produced a copy of the fallen from World War Two for Toowoomba, bringing to life the names on the town's Mothers' Memorial. He has worked with many communities in Queensland providing them with names and stories of the fallen.

Greg Lamerton

Greg Lamerton is a retired school teacher based in Toowoomba, Queensland and is a military historian especially focusing on the men in the community who served during World War One. Greg is a respected member of the community and has provided many lectures, publications and interviews on this subject. His resources have provided members of the public an insight into Old Boys of Toowoomba Grammar School who paid the supreme sacrifice in World War I.

Ann Hallam

Ann is a volunteer in the museum at the school. She has over 23 years of involvement with the School, with 13 as an employee and prior to that as a volunteer parent. Her interest in military history was initially from her own research on family members which expanded to the Old Boys of TGS. This interest expanded when she organised a School Battlefield Tour to Turkey and the Western Front in 2015. This research with support from many parties has provided her with a sense of achievement and brings to life the stories of the Old Boys to members of the School and wider community.

Cameron Morgan

Cameron is an Old Boy of Toowoomba Grammar School, Completing a Bachelor of Business and Creative Industries at Queensland University of Technology (QUT). Cameron provides a unique intersect between designer and developer. Having been heavily involved in the WordPress ecosystem since his high school years, he’s particularly focused on creating unique web experiences that utilize the best technology the modern web has to offer. Based out of Brisbane, Cameron has provided web design, development, and deployment services throughout most of South East Queensland.

Jennifer Fordyce

Jennifer Fordyce was employed by the School as the School Associations Assistant. In her role she provided administrative support for the Old Boys' Association and other associations of the School. Jennifer was at the School for over twenty-five years and previously provided administrative assistance in the areas of curriculum and sport and activities. She undertook a Diploma in Proof-reading and Editing in 2002 and enjoyed reading the researchers' stories on this website.

School Museum Team

Denise Miller (on the left) is the Museum Curator. She is assisted by volunteers: (L-R) Sue Palmer, Judy Gillies, Lin O'Sullivan and Margaret Jones, all mothers of Old Boys of the School. The team has been extremely helpful in researching information on the Old Boys, always with a smile and the offer of a cup of tea.

Denis McCarthy

Denis McCarthy is a professional military history researcher who has enthralled many of his clients with his capacity for thoroughness in getting to the bottom of a case, his forensic detective work, creative approach and first-class presentation of material. In addition to his research work, Denis also manages battlefield tours. His historical knowledge has been greatly enhanced by numerous trips to Gallipoli, the heart of the Anzac tradition. He has also frequently visited the Western Front battlefields of France and Belgium and those of the Second World War in North Africa including Tobruk and El Alamein. The photograph we have used on some of the records when we don't have a personal photo was taken by Denis in France.

William Roberts

William is an Old Boy from the school and assisted with the research and uploading of the information onto the Commemorative Website. William is currently a student at the University of Southern Queensland studying for a Bachelor of Information Technology. He is also a staff member with the Cadet Unit.

John Winn

John taught at the school for 35 years before retiring in 1997. His work did not stop and he became the School's historian, putting together many publications, namely 'Still Playing the Game' in 2000. In 2010 he published 'The History of the Toowoomba Grammar School Army Cadet Unit'. Included in the book was the Old Boys' Armed Forces' Roll of Honour, based on research by Mr Robert Mitchell, the School's Director of Development and Enrolments before his retirement from TGS. This was the data base used to help set up this website. Sadly, John passed away in 2015.