Australian Divisions and Battalions World War I

The  documents below are a list of Australian Divisions in World War I, including all infantry and mounted divisions prepared by Mr Denis McCarthy, Military Historian and Battle Field Tour Guide from Toowoomba, Queensland.  Australia  and New Zealand raised  all volunteer forces. The Australians formed the Australian Imperial Force, (A.I.F.) which was broken up into 5 Infantry Divisions and 2 Light Horse Divisions. Each Division had 3 Brigades and each Brigade had 4 Infantry Battalions.  Together with New Zealand, they formed  the Australian and New Zealand Army Corp which served throughout the war. The list below shows the different divisions and the subordinate units that were raised separately in the various states.  This is an interesting tool to use whilst doing your research or when overseas visiting the Western Front.  There are five Division Memorials in France, which the School Battlefield Tour in 2015 visited together with all the Memorials and Cemeteries of Toowoomba Grammar School Old Boys.

First Australian Division Memorial, Pozières, France

Second Division Memorial, Mont St Quentin, and Péronne, France

Third Australian Division Memorial, Sailly‑le‑Sec, France

Fourth Australian Division Memorial—Bellenglise, France


Fifth Australian Division Memorial, Zonnebeke, Belgium                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Infantry Colour Patches World War I